GNOME Boston Summit 2010

November 29, 2010

In a few days I’ll start my trip to Boston to attend the Boston Summit 2010. I’m very happy to have this opportunity to work face-to-face with my fellow GNOME hackers.

What is Boston Summit? The Boston Summit is a three-day hackfest for GNOME developers and contributors.

As Orca co-maintainer we have tons of work to do in Boston! Anyway I expect to have some beer too :-)

I want to thank all the GNOME a11y team for being a very friendly gang and especially to the other part of the Orca Team, Joanmarie Diggs for all the help in my venturing into Orca as maintainer and developer in all the GNOME a11y stack. Also to my company Emergya for pushing me to do these crazy things and to the GNOME Foundation making this trip possible.

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