Fosdem 2011

February 14, 2011

Photo of Fosdem 2011

This year I had the opportunity to attend one of the main open source related conferences in Europe, FOSDEM 2011. Thanks to my company, Emergya, for funding some of us to attend this event. While there, I gave a talk about Orca.

You can find the talk at slideshare and in a more accessible format here.

What I can say about my first time at FOSDEM? Well, for a Spaniard used to drinking beer of around 4% ABV, Belgian beer of > 10% ABV is crazy :-) Aside from the parties, I really enjoyed attending FOSDEM because I met with people that I only know in the virtual world.

I’m also very happy to see the XFCE developers taking accessibility seriously. Thanks to our presence in FOSDEM, we’re starting to collaborate with them and I expect to see their roadmap accomplished. You guys rock!

As a funny aside you can watch our sunday hackfest around the application of Mario Sanchez Prada, webkit watcher, trying to make it read :-)

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