GNOME ATK and AT-SPI Hackfest 2011

June 9, 2011

Photo of the Accessibility Team

Every year, the GNOME Accessibility Team tries to have at least one Hackfest. This year we had an ATK and AT-SPI hackfest hosted by Igalia in their offices where we talked about the future of ATK and identified next goals and actions.

Thanks to my current company, Emergya, for funding my colleague Javi and me.

What did we do?

Check the agenda. If you want to collaborate there are many tasks without an owner, choose yours ;-)


  • Alejandro Pinheiro did an awesome summary of day 1 and day 5
  • Li Yuan also did his own summary.
  • And for Spanish speaking people, Javier Hernández thus did a summary in Spanish.


  • The QT a11y guy, Frederik Gladhorn
  • The Mozilla a11y guys, Fernando Herrera and Alexander Surkov
  • Igalia guys, Alejandro Piñeiro and Mario Sánchez
  • Orca Team, Joanmarie Diggs, Javier Hernández and me
  • The AT-SPI wizard, Mike Gorse
  • The ATK master, Li Yuan

Thanks to everyone for making an awesome community!


Some photos of the event at Mario’s flickr gallery.

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